API Management: Sophisticated Oversight for High-Value Ingredients

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and high-risk biopharmaceutical products share at least one attribute: the probability and impact of loss is manageable. Sentry BioPharma Services ApS (Sentry ApS) applies the same principles implemented across high-risk and high-value products to the management and protection of high-value APIs. Sentry ApS’ experienced team strives to limit the probability and impact of loss, providing unparalleled protection for high-value ingredients. Safeguarding expertise translates into redundant systems to maintain temperature profile, electronic and/or physical product segregation and custom client operating procedures.

Sentry ApS’ API management capabilities include:

GMP storage

Manufacturing and supply chain support

Qualified vendors and distribution channels

Submission for analytical testing

Whether supporting manufacturing, analysis, or storage, Sentry ApS adheres to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) throughout storage and handling.

Proven Temperature Sensitive Project Management

For more information about how Sentry ApS can assist with high-potency, high-value and high-risk products and materials, contact Sentry ApS via email or by phone at +45 69 17 71 66.