GMP Validated Temperature Storage

Receive, Store and Ship: Sentry ApS’ GMP Warehouse Agility Enhances Your Supply Chain

As guardians of temperature-sensitive products, Sentry ApS maintains GMP validated temperature storage as a core competency.  Sentry ApS offers the following environments for clinical trial material storage, drug storage, vaccine storage and medical device storage:

  • Room Temperature: +15°C to +25°C
    • Controlled Drugs
  • Refrigerated: +2°C to +8°C
  • Frozen: -15°C to -25°C
  • Ultra-Low: -70°C to -90°C
  • Custom Temperature Solutions: 0°C to <-135°C

Sentry ApS’ expertise, quality program, and validated processes present an opportunity to meet any GMP storage need. Validated IT systems, infrastructure and processes can accommodate ICH recommended drug storage ranges while allowing virtually any customized storage environment for the unique and stringent requirements of biological products.

Sentry ApS maintains control over product classifications and locations within its GMP warehouse. This sophisticated inventory management capability supports pharmaceutical packaging, returns, quarantine and controlled drugs. Sentry ApS’ guardianship is evident in the systems implemented and the processes utilized to mitigate risks that may adversely impact product safety, identity, strength, purity and quality (SISPQ).

  • Validated temperature monitoring system for each drug storage environment
  • Validated GMP warehouse management system
  • Redundancy of critical systems to ensure business continuity and control
  • Infrastructure for rapid implementation or expansion

Proven Temperature Sensitive Project Management

For more information about how Sentry ApS’ GMP warehouse and best-in-class processes can help you focus on your core business, contact Sentry ApS via email or by phone at +45  69 17 71 66