Pharmaceutical Risk Management: Addressing Probability and Impact of Threats

Sophisticated physical and data security measures protect valuable information, pharmaceutical materials, and products while in Sentry BioPharma Services ApS’ (Sentry ApS) possession. Sentry ApS deploys a robust security program based on industry best practices, market trends, agency intelligence and audit feedback. Sentry ApS maintains steadfast control over product classifications and locations, with segregation capabilities for labeling, returns, quarantine, and controlled drugs and anti-counterfeiting measures for high-value products. Security measures inside and outside the facility protect, monitor and control access.

Sentry ApS’ Supply Chain Programs

Dedicated pharmaceutical risk management plans

Security monitoring 24/7

Pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting measures

Recall Management

Controlled access

Enhanced security options

Proven Temperature Sensitive Project Management

For more information how Sentry ApS’ risk management processes further secure your supply chain, contact Sentry ApS via email or by phone at +45 69 17 71 66.