Alex T. Mitchell

Director of Operations


Mr. Alex T. Mitchell functions as Director of Operations for Sentry BioPharma Services ApS and brings technical expertise to this position via previous roles in mechanical engineering and design.

Currently, Mr. Mitchell oversees Global Business Development, Operations, Logistics, Manufacturing and Sentry ApS’ Facilities. Mr. Mitchell leverages his background in process design to foster continual improvement of Sentry ApS’ facilities and service offerings. During his tenure with Sentry ApS, he has overseen the construction and validation of ApS’ initial facilities and looks to the future for further expansion of infrastructure, as the company grows.

Mr. Mitchell’s educational background and professional experience is based in engineering, with emphasis in mechanical design and process improvement. Mr. Mitchell received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University West Lafayette, with minors in Global Engineering Studies, Economics and Management. In his spare time, he is an automobile and airplane enthusiast while logging extensive world travel.